Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) Messages

Smart phone ownership is no more restricted to specific age groups or income levels. This makes it easier for everyone to receive WEA a.k.a. Wireless Emergency Alerts, text messages and access social media during hazard events. However, WEA messages are restricted to 90-character length. The questions that need to be answered to make the message more informative from risk communication and preparedness perspective are:

  1. Is the message length appropriate or short or long?
  2. Why do you think the length is appropriate or short or long?
  3. How informative do you think a 90 character length message is or going to be based on your experience?
  4. What actions need to be taken to address this character length?
  5. Do you think a recipient’s ethnicity, age, education and gender influence his/her perception about WEA message length?

Please leave your thoughts below.


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